MDEP has been working on a dual prong approach to this project. We began creating the database using Esri products and a Flex map, but came across some issues while trying to serve up USGS HUC and Flowline data due to the size and complexity of the data. We then used QGIS, Postgresql, Geoserver, and Geoexplorer. This platform is much lighter and faster than an Esri platform, but it also has it's limitations. The project currently has a Flex map and a Geoexplorer map, both having their advantages and disadvantages.

ESRI Flex Map

Launch Flex


-Offers more complex analysis tools such as geoprocessing
    The Flex map has a data extraction geoprocessing tool to extract
    data for a user defined area of interest.

-Easier to use

-More graphically pleasing

-Easy to customize

-Can add/edit data (tool is not currently part of the map)


-Heavy and slow to load
    Not all layers can be drawn at all the scale levels for this reason

-Not mobile friendly
    Flex requires Adobe Flash, which is free, but not available for mobile platforms

Open Source GeoExplorer Map

Launch GeoExplorer


-Fast to load and can quickly draw all layers
    (over 800,000 points, lines, and polygons)

-Basic analysis tools are available, such as measurement tools

-Can be viewed on any platform (java/javascript based)

-Can export data to shapefile format

-Can add/edit data (tool is not currently part of the map)


-Not as grahpically pleasing

-Not as easy to customize